Through my Eyes, the story of Heinrich Runder.

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Greek stories and their connection to Stoicism

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Carl Jung


Before I go any further, I wish to define Jung’s terms, which can be found throughout his anthology. Let’s start with the “unconscious”. The unconscious, in Jungian terms, can be defined as the land of mysteries and dreams. This part of the mind — the part we can not control — will punish us…

How his theories influenced society.

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A brief history


Cato and Rome, one of the greatest partnerships in history: the former known as a statemen-philosopher, the latter, known for its legions, corruption, extortion, and political upheaval. Consequently, the last point is the nature of a republic — unstable, like the men who lead it. Is this a good thing? Well, that’s the question we have been trying to answer since Rome. Caesar would be the answer for Rome — empire. Empires are like sandcastles, over time, one of two things will topple them — either the sea or the wind. Fated to fall. The Republic was no different. We…

If you don’t serve God, who or what do you serve?

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Only a few prefer liberty — the majority seek nothing more than fair masters — Sallust, Histories


That quote from Sallust is rather gripping for me. Like all great quotes, it makes me think. Many people have no idea what to do when freedom is there for the taking, no idea how to grab life by the horns. But we have no idea how to control the bull.

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The Psychology of the myth.


In keeping the article as short as possible, I will give a brief overview of the whole narrative. We begin with a Greek king called Athamas, who got bored with his wife and married a princess. Her name: Ino. Athamas’s first wife, Nephele, was afraid for her two children, especially her son, Phrixus. Nephele’s caution was well-founded; Ino was planning to murder the boy, so her son could inherit the crown. She was well connected, coming from a family with great acclaim: her father was the king of Thebes. Her mother and sisters were women of virtue.

A philosophical journey through life

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A short story about a Stoic philosopher called Jack, and an atheist, called John. The two walks through the woods, each on their own path through said woods, intending to get to the castle on the hill. On the other side: Jack finds his way, no problems, but John is having trouble, always getting lost, the path he has chosen is inadequate for the task. Jack, seeing this, descends the hill to help. We begin in the meadows, on the edge of the forest.

In the Meadows

The forest of life. Jack and John see before them: a vast and intimidating place, not…

The Senators that defied Emperors

Quaestor Reading the Death Sentence to Senator Thrasea Paetus. Wikipedia, public domain.


The Stoics opposed to the tyrannical rule of the emperors of the 1st century: namely Nero and Domitian. The Stoics in question are Republican Senators, advocating for the restoration of equal power regarding the Emperor and the Senate, plus a more philosophical approach to governance.

The Stoic opposition and its origin

This opposition came about because of the emperors increasing overreach, human beings can only tolerate it for…

The voice inside our heads

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What is this demon?

In Stoic philosophy, your inner demon is the divine voice of reason. When you ask yourself a question it will be this "demon" that will answer it. The Stoics encourage this practice as it helps us to understand yourself; how does one go about this? By asking yourself questions about whatever given situation the cosmos has put you in.

A brief Introduction

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Zeno and Stoicism.

The story of Stoic physics is one which begins with Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoic philosophy. Zeno's theory on physics involves one major underlying theme which is: that all thing conform to, and obey the will of Nature. One can not fight with the laws that govern Nature and expect equanimity in life.

Macaulay Elsworth

Amateur writer. From South Yorkshire.

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